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The Future Kingz: Future of the Dance Industry

The Future Kingz Group

When Zaya Sosho and his group of friends formed “The Future Kingz” (TFK) in 2010, perhaps they aspired to be the future kings of dancers.

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To Boycott or Not to Boycott: 2022 Winter Olympics in China

2022 Winter Olympics logo

For years, China has been terrorizing Uighur Muslims by forcing them into internment camps, subjecting them to various human rights abuses, such as rape, torture, and forced reeducation, among other monstrosities.

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Mark Rober The Science Guy

Youtube Star Mark Rober

Many who watch Mark Rober’s uploads are never short of compliments for his videos, with comments exclaiming about how he is the “science teacher everyone wishes they had”.

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Analyzing Super Bowl/Offseason

Tom Brady, Super Bowl MVP

Super Bowl 55 was speculated by many to be a splendid matchup between the wiser, more experienced Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the electrifying Kansas City Chiefs in a thrilling showdown for the ages.

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