A Dose of Opinion

Welcome to my blog webpage: A Dose of Opinion. I'm a 15 year old teenager that creates a blog to express my opinion about various topics.

I plan on creating at least two different types of blogs. My opinion blogs provides my insight (from a teenager) about certain topics and items, using my own personal experience and other bits of facts to create a well-rounded opinion about the topic.

The other type of blog is what I like to call a "commentary" blog. In this type of blog, the topics of consideration are more specific about a situation, a conflict, etc. I strive to maintain an objective point of view when discussing commentary and will only analyze and commentate upon only what is given. The commentary genre is relevant within Youtube, with creators such as Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, D'Angelo Wallace, and others; however, I try to bring commentary in a blog format. Occasionally, there could be other categories of blogs.

Finally, I created this website using Visual Studio Code, coding with HTML and CSS (coding languages). It might not look as good as it could look, but at least I'm proud of it.

I currently don't plan on implementing comments onto my blog page because it is likely to promote spam. In addition, the hosting website that I used: Github makes implementing comments a hassle.